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Wednesday, July 28, 2004
Bad News for Swing States
Those liberal mill owners sure have it in for the swing states. Oh, the red states too? I didn't think they'd take Barack Obama's speech quite so literally, or so soon.

AK Steel: Layoffs Possible at More plants
MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (AP) - AK Steel Corp. could lay off more workers as it tries to reduce labor costs to become more competitive, a company spokesman said Wednesday.
The Middletown-based company also has operations in Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Indiana. It produces flat-rolled carbon, stainless and electrical steels, as well as tubular steel products for the auto, appliance, construction and manufacturing markets.

AK Steel shares rose 11 cents to close at $6.36 on Wednesday on the New York Stock Exchange.
But luckily the economy is booming, so these people will find jobs right away.

It isn't?
WASHINGTON - The Federal Reserve (news - web sites) reported Wednesday that the U.S. economy cooled off in June and July as consumer spending, especially on autos, slowed significantly after a big surge in early spring.
Thank goodness Bush had the foresight to take us to war:
In the transportation category, demand for motor vehicles and parts rose by 1.3 percent but the biggest increase came in a 79.1 percent jump in orders for defense aircraft and parts. This surge followed a 23.8 percent rise in this category in May.
I love putting my tax dollars to work killing people so that at least I can get the cancer drugs I need. What?! Medicare wants to cut cancer drug payments?
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Medicare officials on Tuesday proposed cutting payments to doctors for widely used medicines to treat cancer and lung disease by as much as 89 percent for some drugs next year.

The changes would save the government $530 million in 2005, officials said, but oncologists warned the reductions would force some physicians to reduce cancer treatment services.
Reducing services means more people will die, right? Well, I couldn't afford the health insurance anyway, so I guess it was inevitable. GWB, you are so compassionate I just want to hug you.

At least oil prices are down. You mean they're not? $42 freeking dollars and freeking 90 cents a barrel? Let me repeat:
U.S. light crude settled up $1.06 at $42.90 a barrel after hitting a high of $43.05 a barrel -- topping peaks hit in early June and the highest price since the New York Mercantile Exchange launched the contract in 1983.
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I, however, was at the beach with all the other slackers, painting a not very good painting, but it was calming, after the Obama frenzy of yesterday. Will post it later, perhaps, plus some drawings of near-beach sex from the notebook (not me, unfortunately, however....)


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