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Saturday, July 31, 2004
Tough Times All Around
Halliburton Sues Retirees Who Complained About Plan to Cut Insurance for Retired Employees
The lawsuit was filed after the retirees, including former Halliburton vice president of human resources Paul Bryant, sent a letter to company officials to complain about the change. Bryant, 58, retired from the oil services conglomerate in 1999.
Man, you know premiums must have gone through the roof if Halliburton can't afford to take care of its people.

Dick? Dick? Anyone?

Good "morning" folks. Yes, it's another Saturday "morning". A little bit of this and that:

Barack Obama is downstate this weekend at a whole bunch of places. And if you can make it, he's turning 43 this week and has a barbecue planned. So go, give, and eat.

On the sports front, The Children's Games have begun, and of course Bush was there, on his way to a fundraiser:
Annette Milovich of Berea said she supported the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan to topple the Taliban regime, which had harbored al-Qaeda.

"We were attacked and supposedly bin Laden is staying there, and we went to get him. But the invasion of Iraq was a totally different thing. It was about oil, and Bush wanted revenge for his dad," Ms. Milovich said.

She called the President's speech a "photo-op to make it look like he's pro-international, and he's anything but that."
The Afghan girls soccer team showed up, which is a wonderful thing, but I can find no sign that the team from our 51st state, Iraq, made it. Couldn't someone have intervened on behalf of these children?

Finally, on the art frontier, an opening at the Gillock Gallery tonight is bound to be good. See my review of the previous show here.

So. Plan for today is to back up the computer (for the first time -- do as I say, not as I do, folks), paint a little, blog a little, the usual.

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