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Tuesday, August 03, 2004
Yes, It Is
'Everything is at stake,' Kerry tells riverfront crowd:
"Everything is at stake!" Kerry told thousands of supporters who packed into Pere Marquette Park and lined the opposite side of the river. "Jobs! Health care! Education! Civil liberties! Civil rights! The Constitution! Social Security! Medicare! Our children! The environment! Our future! All of it is on the line."
Very good article about Kerry's visit to Milwaukee from the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel (requires stupid registration, however...), even some audio and video. A rent-a-riot with a bullhorn tried to shout Teresa down but she just stood right up to them:
While she was introducing her husband, Teresa Heinz Kerry referred to the group's audible call for "Four more years."

Said Heinz Kerry, "They want four more years of hell."

The Kerry crowd followed with chants of "Three more months."

Kerry also responded to the pro-Bush chanters, saying they wanted to "drown people out" with their megaphones.

"We don't want to be drowned out," Kerry said. "I want to thank George Bush for sending the goons here tonight to excite us to do a little more work! Thank you!"
Since the flavor and content of his campaign doesn't seem to be getting out to the people via the national press, maybe we can help by spreading news like this ourselves.

If you skip over much of the editorial stuff in ABC's The Note you will find a detailed listing and timeline where all the candidates are and other important dates way, way at the bottom of the page. It would probably be a good thing for such bizarro-world media-corps types as bloggers to dive in and dig out what actually happens around the campaign trail. The regular press is still too busy debating whether they got a bounce or a negative bounce to report actual reportage.

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