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Thursday, August 05, 2004
Abu Ghraib By-The-Sea
Ex-inmates allege Guantanamo abuse
Detainees at Guantanamo were kept naked while being forced to watch videotapes of prisoners who had been ordered to sodomize one another, according to a 115-page report released Wednesday by the men's attorneys in New York and London. The lawyers characterized the abuse as 'systematic.'

The allegations--the most detailed from former Guantanamo detainees--claim that guards harassed and beat detainees and routinely tossed inmates' Korans into prison toilets. The three former detainees, who were released last spring, also alleged coerced confessions--some at gunpoint--and of living among snakes and scorpions in the cells.
The Britons said they were forced to confess to being seen in a video with Osama bin Laden and Mohamed Atta, one of the Sept. 11 hijackers. The confession is discredited, the report says, because Rasul was working in Britain at an electronics store at the time the video allegedly was made.
Does anyone even remember why people like these are still in custody, except to keep them away from the press before the election? They were never charged with anything.

I know it's too early in the day for us to deal with this, but we mustn't forget about these people as we cast our votes.

In other news, the day is pleasant and cool, no more than about 60 degrees right now, so I may try to get in some painting later before all the political excitement of the weekend -- will be busy with voter registration and meetings, and so should you.

Had been planning to write about something else pre-coffee, but this sickened me so much I had to get it out there.

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