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Tuesday, August 03, 2004
We Deserve Some Fun
Sometimes they're good, sometimes not so much, but this Worth1000 contest of classic portraits of contemporary stars is pretty good, and besides, we deserve some fun. So check out Boing Boing: Cezanne's portrait of Sean Connery and other contemporary/classic remixes and find the link. I understand the site is a little sensitive about direct links to images, so we'll let Boing Boing deal with it.

And fun in the ILL GOP continues. Apparently after passing over a guy who wears an 18th century style wig, somehow Topinka has narrowed it down to 2 other nutcases, Alan Keyes and Andrea Grubb Barthwell , who as you recall offended nearly everyone in her office with her tricks with a kaleidoscope. And Keyes... what can you say about him except that they're enticing him from his right-wing radio show in Maryland and his right-wing web site to which I will not link and whose finances should probably be investigated. Though you could start here.

If there's a lot of uproar, perhaps Judy can claim that what she said was misunderstood, and that they were only 2 of the candidates under consideration.

Like I care, really. Tomorrow is Senator Barack Obama's birthday party. Give till your teeth hurt.

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