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Wednesday, August 11, 2004
Kerry Frenzy Continues
Kerry frenzy builds as visit nears
Democrats by the thousands plan to welcome their candidate to Southern Oregon on Thursday.

A Marine for six years and a Republican for 40, Randy Hoopingarner turned his back on the GOP in January because he just couldn't support President Bush, he said.
"I don't think he's got the intellect to be president," said the Eagle Point resident, who is now a registered Democrat along with his wife, Yvonne. "There's a feeling of deviousness to the man."
We stalked Bush yesterday. In the spirit of fairness, let's see what Kerry has planned today (all via The Note).

—10:00 am: The Labor Department issues Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) for June [ed. sorry.... not really a Kerry event. however...]

—12:30 pm: Senator John Kerry meets with seniors at the Valley View Recreation Center to discuss the Kerry/Edwards plan to reduce prescription drug prices, Henderson, NV

That's all I see on the official schedule. They've been stopping here and there along the way, however, so will put on my rainbow t-shirt and follow the bus.

Ann Richards in Maine 10:00 am
Al Gore in Tennesee 1:00 pm

Quick glance at the numbers in JOLTS shows little change over the years. However, looking at jobs lost vs. what we know about current job creation from multiple sources, it seems to me to show a pretty piss-poor record for a "results" oriented campaign theme (Bush's, that is). Or is the theme just negative slams against a genuine leader in both war and peace? Hard to tell any more.

And my ongoing theme, that it's the states supporting Bush the most that are the hardest hit, continues to be evident. Check it out yourselves. Some areas are looking stronger than others, but it's nothing to crow about. And I see they're not. Report not picked up yet by any news service as far as I can see. This is not considered a major report, but I bet if the numbers looked fantastic it would be.

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