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Wednesday, August 11, 2004
More Keyesian Nonsense
Alan Keyes on Crime

Please remember that Keyes claims to be a Catholic.

How he can claim to be a Catholic and yet be for the death penalty, is something the Pope wants to know.

How he can claim to be against abortion under all circumstances and yet be for the death penalty, is something voters should know, since he tends to use the Declaration of Independence (life, liberty, pursuit...) as the basis of his beliefs in his own particular looney way.

Highlights: (all are quotes from this article -- I don't have the energy to mark it up right now)

Theme One:

-- Failing to revere God results in violence and crime
-- External violence results from internal lawlessness -- I wonder if [liberals] understand the intimate connection between violence on the streets and violence against unborn children?

Theme Two:

-- Without death penalty for murder, we disregard life
-- Capital punishment is necessary to show respect for life

So very, very much more, not just here. Keyes lives and thrives very much in the public eye. One might say that it's the only place he lives. Tons of references online. Tons of web pages and easy-to-find stuff. This is just the "low-hanging fruit" as ArchPundit puts it, and where you should go for all things Keyes.

Keyes should be asked repeatedly how he can go against the Pope's encyclical if he's a good Catholic. Hey, they keep saying Kerry should be excommunicated for his views on practically everything. Equal treatment, please. And George Ryan, our previous governor, and a Catholic, had many many faults, but he stopped all executions in the state just before he was indicted.

That's all I got. I had this loaded up awhile back in what blogger buddy ThatColoredFella calls "the Pez dispenser," so decided to shoot it out.

UPDATE: since he's apparently moving to Calumet City for the duration, where will he be going to mass?

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