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Saturday, August 14, 2004
Cherry Picking Time
GWB's little warm-hearted chat with supporters yesterday we spoke of last night had a few other good lines. Really, he can't figure out which questions to duck, and then how to duck them, and these were questions that were planted, for the most part. He's even forcing children to ask them:

"Q Mr. President, as a child how can I help you get votes?"

Press liberal response button here.

Then there's the "I'll ask the wife" responses:
Q Our Superintendent makes over $200,000 a year, and he fired my librarian. Why is that? (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: Well, let me -- let me answer this by telling you -- hold on for a minute. Hold on for a minute. I believe in local control of schools. (Laughter.) The great thing is, you can find your Superintendent because he lives in the neighborhood. You couldn't find him if you were in Washington. (Laughter.) And I can't answer your question why. But Laura was a librarian, so maybe the superintendent ought to talk to the librarian, Laura. But, no, I don't know. (Laughter.)
And another one along the education lines:
Q ...most of our employees are 16 and 18 years old, young, hardworking kids. And the problem is they can't afford to go to college.


Q Because of the funding has been cut back. How can we change that?

THE PRESIDENT: No, I appreciate that. It's a great question. Actually, at the federal level, the funding has not been cut back. Now, maybe at the state level. But Pell grants, for example, are up. Pell grants are grants for people to go to college. We've -- since I've been the President, a million more people have gone to college on Pell grants. (Applause.) Student loans are up. Student loans are up.
Huh.... You heard the lie from his own lips. This is what he's really done:

Bush Breaks his Promise to Increase Maximum Pell Grant to $5,100
While campaigning in 2000, President Bush, pledged to make college more affordable and accessible by increasing the maximum Pell Grant for college freshman to $5,100.

Not only has President Bush broken his promise to increase the maximum Pell award to $5,100, but he’s actually frozen or cut the maximum Pell grant for the past three years.
And it sounds to me like he's insulting the state he's in by suggesting it's their own damn fault education funds have been cut. Finally, you heard it from his lips part 2:
Q Any fundraising dinners before the election?

THE PRESIDENT: Fundraising dinners, no -- sure, there will be some. But I'd rather do these kinds of events [ed. as compared to actual open forums or having toenails pulled out]. I want people to know what I stand for [ed. i'm with you there], what I believe, where I want to lead the country.
On the parade front, the 75th Annual Bud Billiken Back-To-School parade in Chicago is in full swing right now -- looks like huge crowds. Other than St. Patrick's Day, this is probably the biggest parade of the year. I'm doing Voter Registration today and decided I didn't have time to get all the way down there to march with Obama/Kerry and then get back up here again. Speaking of which, I must fly.

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