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Wednesday, August 18, 2004
Governor's Day
For such an exciting and important event, how could I have forgotten all about the Illinois State Fair that's been going on for nearly a week, now? Have other events been crowding out the airwaves?

Here's the official schedule

However, I don't get it. I thought there was a Democrat's Day, Governor's Day, and Republican Day at the fair, but oddly enough, I can't find Democrat's Day on this schedule. Granted, our Governor is a Democrat, but that never stopped them before, did it? And he's apparently hosting "former Illinois Governors," who are all Republicans, right, even the one currently indicted (though I suppose they might take off the leg chains for this important event)? So I'm very, very confused, because tomorrow is Republican Day.

It should be fun to see the coverage of Keyes amid the goats. Because there will be coverage, oh yes. I just betcha, unless he has a date with FOX someplace out-of-state.

Good late-afternoon, my friends. Have been painting -- yes, painting -- much of today. If you're good I'll post a shot of the work in progress, but only if you're very good. I have ways of knowing.

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