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Wednesday, August 18, 2004
Just In Case You're Getting a Little Bored...
... with the "all Keyes all the time" coverage, Barack Obama, a genuine leader, is out there every day, plodding along on the campaign trail, talking about stuff that matters to most people:

Quincy Herald-Whig: Candidate predicts win for Democrats in November

And here's why I love this man:
He concluded by saying that speeches can't be substitutes for work.

"A 15-minute speech is nice, but it doesn't solve problems," Obama said. Public speeches can inspire people, but it takes hard work to govern well, he said.

"If you elect me, it will not immediately solve every problem ... but I promise you every day I'll wake up in Washington thinking about how I can make the lives of people in Adams County a little better," Obama said.
Unlike Keyes, who would wake up thinking how he can make his own insane fame greater and cram his own insane views down another witless, but eager, media gullet.

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