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Friday, August 20, 2004
More VR Annals
Back from the trenches of Voter Registration-land again, with a misconception I hadn't heard before:

Long-haired dude walks by, says he's already registered, then stops, comes back, looking embarrassed. "Ummmm.... this doesn't have anything to do with the draft, does it? I'm not gonna get on some list, am I?"

I explain that registering to vote has nothing to do with it, and I wish I could say,"au contraire," but we're not allowed to engage in political chit-chat.

He still seems really concerned. "My wife says she heard somewhere this is how they draft you."

Story 2: A delivery guy pauses after I ask him whether he's registered and says, "You know, I wish they'd quit telling us our votes don't count."

I express lack of understanding at this comment.

"Yeah....," he says. "Man says they got enough votes already. Obama don't need no more."


Out for another round tomorrow, and more stories from the front. Neglected to put sunscreen on today so will have a peeling nose, always so attractive.

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