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Saturday, August 21, 2004
B & W and Red All Over
The Trib continues its commie shift:

Voters rush past Keyes, favor Obama

Rush is hardly the word. This is a survey of 700 registered, likely voters. Among all voters, it's 65/24. Among black voters it's 96/3.

More from the Trib:
Keyes has made opposition to abortion a centerpiece of his campaign, forcefully decrying it as a sin and equating abortion rights advocates like Obama to slaveholders. But the survey found that only 28 percent of Illinois voters want to see restrictions on abortion tightened, while 61 percent said they either liked the status quo or thought restrictions should be loosened. The rest said they didn't know.

And even among the group of voters who wanted more restrictions on abortion, 42 percent said they supported the election of Obama compared with 45 percent who favored Keyes. The rest said they were undecided or would vote for another candidate.

So far, the survey shows, Keyes' ideological appeal is narrow. Voters who described themselves as very conservative favored him over Obama by a 55 percent to 36 percent margin. But that group accounted for only 13 percent of those surveyed.
Only 55 percent of the very conservative like Keyes? So that's like 7 percent? Of the 700 interviewed they scraped up 50 at the far right who who said, yeah, he's ok? Man, the goopers are screwed.

However, don't trust me. For more analysis and tons of general fun, you must make ArchPundit your daily home page. Recommended with a good strong cup of Gold Coast and a maple scone. Savor and chuckle. He has a download of the "smelly toad" Keyes clip that is one of the great insane media moments of all time.

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