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Thursday, August 26, 2004
Coverage You Can Count On
WBAY-Coverage You Can Count On: Kerry Campaigns at Green Bay Home
While he called for a more positive presidential campaign, Kerry kept silent while a World War Two veteran called President Bush a "draft dodger" and said it's a shame the Bush-Cheney campaign and others are criticizing Kerry's military service. Bob Schmitz also compared Kerry to John F. Kennedy. Schmitz drew the only standing ovation during Kerry's forum.
Please, let's put this topic behind us!!

Nice report with video on Kerry's "front porch" visit to Green Bay. He even made it to football practice for the high school and got beat up a little. Why is it the local media always does a good job with this stuff?

He's off to Minnesota next, which should be fun, since practically all of the current management of Air America is from Minnesota Public Radio, which has a terrific overview of what they call "the battleground within the battleground," where Kerry will speak. A lot of confused, muddled opinions, a lot of fear. It will be interesting, especially since Al Franken will be at the State Fair there this weekend:
WASHINGTON - Al Franken returns to Minnesota for an appearance at the State Fair this weekend, another step in raising his profile in the state as he ponders a challenge to Sen. Norm Coleman four years from now.

Franken, a comedian and liberal radio show host, will appear at the DFL Party booth on Saturday, and he also plans to take his Air America Radio show to Minnesota in October.
And why not? He would be dynamite.

George, as we know, is holed up at the ranch ignoring Max Cleland, who dropped by with a message for him. Supposed to be "working on his convention speech." Clearing brush. Stuff like that.

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