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Thursday, August 26, 2004
Au Contraire, I Thought
Keyes turns down role at convention
Keyes will divide his time in New York between campaign-related events and events planned before he was named to replace former candidate Jack Ryan, a source close to the campaign said. Keyes will address Republican constituent groups and conservative groups and go to receptions and lunches, in addition to attending events sponsored by the Republican National Senatorial Committee to bring together GOP donors and candidates, the source said.
Always there to serve his Illinois constituents, I see.

I wonder who he got to ask him to speak, or whether, like his fellow GOP liars, he just made shit up. Much as I'd love the country to see just how loony this guy is, it really isn't necessary, since he seems to be on FOX all the time and has done a pretty good job of it himself.

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