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Thursday, August 26, 2004
Bush Campaign Refuses USOC Request to Pull Olympic-Themed TV Ad
The ad shows a swimmer and the flags of Iraq and Afghanistan.

"In 1972, there were 40 democracies in the world. Today, 120," an announcer says. "Freedom is spreading throughout the world like a sunrise. And this Olympics there will be two more free nations. And two fewer terrorist regimes." [ed. lying again -- see news from Iraq here and here ("Blood and shrapnel covered the grounds of the ancient Kufa mosque compound Thursday.... ")]

Some of the players on the Iraqi Olympic soccer team have complained about the ad appearing as part of a political campaign.
However, they're not complaining for the reasons you think:
"We own the rights to the Olympic name, and no one has asked us," said Gerhard Heiberg, the Norwegian IOC representative and IOC market commission leader.

An act of Congress, last revised in 1999, grants the USOC exclusive rights to such terms as "Olympic," derivatives such as "Olympiad" and the five interlocking rings. It also specifically says the organization "shall be nonpolitical and may not promote the candidacy of an individual seeking public office."
I guess GWB doesn't think it's a public office any more -- more of a personal, private, family office.

Good late-afternoon, folks. Did some painting this afternoon, fixing the stuff I screwed up last night. Good thing I had the shots I took the other day to fall back on.

Simpsons on FOX right now, the episode where Homer joins the Naval Reserve back in the days when it reallly was one weekend a month. Seems like just yesterday...

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