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Thursday, August 26, 2004
A Blogger's Tale
Banned In the USA
A few days ago, after watching a broadcast of Fox's Hannity & Colmes, I decided it was time to express my displeasure with many of the deceptions offered by Mr. Hannity. I initially went to his website, but found no direct email link to contact. However, I did notice a link to his Message Board, and decided to find out if there was a forum to address issues directly to Mr. Hannity. Unfortunately, no such forum or discussion thread existed, yet I decided to register anyway....
Fellow Chicago blogger and FOX junkie ThatColoredFella takes on Hannity and colmes. A moral win of sorts, though now banned for life, permanent record now irretrievably stained, and probably won't go to heaven either.

And the wonderful flea at One Good Thing has a wondrous tale about a stupider than stupid break-in attempt at her sex-toy shop. Her blog has some of the best writing around.

And no, I'm not obsessed with kinky stuff, but another blog with good writing just happens to be Life At TJ's Place, about a guy who works at a strip club. It was "blog of the month" at Blogger, for about 6 months, so I finally checked it out. You'd be surprised what it's like to live in this guy's skin.

And now back to painting.

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