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Monday, January 10, 2005
Refreshed, Renamed
Decided to emerge from behind the big silicon rock with my own name on this and daughter blogs, so I am reintroducing myself to everyone as Cynthia, proprietor of this blog, rather than Cynical, an alias I thought was so very clever 2 years ago when I first started wandering around the place, commenting here and there, but now seems a little high-school. So you may continue seeing me with numerous names if I can't figure out how to make some of them go away. Web identity and privacy are still dicey issues for me, but I figure that if I want people to buy my work I should tell them who I am.

Have also gathered more of my artwork, in particular a few of my print series, on a new blog here that's really just a placeholder for a gallery page. You can also see what the lake project craypas drawings look like on a white background.

I realize this is all piecemeal and confusing and I should just bite the big one and put up a real website, but this is how it's happening, so you better like it.

All this in response to recent inquiries about selling my stuff. Excitement!

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