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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
For Your Morning Obama Fix
Obama opens local office
His Springfield office is on the 15th floor of the Ameren Building at 607 E. Adams St., just east of the Old State Capitol and with a view to the north of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum. His office telephone number is 492-5089.
Lots of good quotes:
"I want to report to you that I've been in Washington now a week, and they've got nothing on the Illinois General Assembly," he told appreciative House members. "The Democrats are better-looking here than they are in Washington. The Republicans are tougher here than they are in Washington."
He also says that he knows of no relatives affected by the tsunami in Indonesia. I'd wondered about it. If you've read his autobiography (Dreams from My Father) you'll remember that he spent a few years in Indonesia and that one of his sisters was born there.

Good morning, folks. Rainy, wet, icy, dreary today. I'm not going outside, and didn't even haul my trash to the curb, so you don't want to come over to my smelly house and drink coffee, even if it's a good, strong Sumatra. Since it's still warmish back in the studio, however, I will put on some Calypso music and try to get some painting done.

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