Fresh Paint
Thursday, January 13, 2005
Painting Progress
Here's what the "Tabloid Landscape" looks like now:

Realized that along with the purple mountains majesty, the amber waves of grain, I had to throw in some snow, and a dark and stormy night.

Also wanted to get the sense of watching the temperature soar yesterday to above 60 degrees (I was wandering around in my cutoffs) and also watching it plummet (it's right now snowing very hard, and in the last hour has dropped to below freezing.)

So will be painting as fast as I can ahead of the promised subzero drop, because my conscience can't keep the studio heated in that kind of weather. My heating bill last month was nearly double from year ago, and it was a fairly mild December. Will burrow back into the living room, and maybe do more drawings.

Wi-Fi has been dropping in and out today. SBC was doing work across the street yesterday. Maybe they're still at it somewhere that's affecting connectivity. Blogger is supposed to be down around noon, so will send this on its merry way, and make my rounds of the internet.

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