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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Hurray! War Is Over! They're Coming Home!
Oh. You mean not?

White House says Iraq weapons search is over
White House press secretary Scott McClellan said there no longer is an active search for weapons. ''There may be a couple, a few people, that are focused on that'' but that it has largely concluded, he said.

''If they have any reports of (weapons of mass destruction) obviously they'll continue to follow up on those reports,'' McClellan said. ''A lot of their mission is focused elsewhere now.''
100,000 or more lives lost, "1,200 military and intelligence and support staff" plus two years later to assure young Caesar's reelection. What does he have to say?
Bush has appointed a panel to investigate why the intelligence about Iraq's weapons was wrong.
I'll be happy to see the results of the investigation into who outed Valerie Plame first, thank you, as I'm lying on my deathbed, bones crumbling from old age.

Good morning, people. I wish we could turn back time and have it all go away. I wish Bush could just say, "Ooops, my bad," and have the troops come home right now. For the longest time I thought "we broke it, we fix it" was the way to go, but I'm thinking now, not, because this administration is so stupendously incompetent and arrogant. This is our own personal, elected, and re-elected tsunami. It will never stop. It will never go away. And now it wants to do away with Social Security.

Warmish day today, so need to get out and about. See ya.

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