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Friday, October 01, 2004
Moving Slowly Today, Mr. President
No, I haven't been recovering from the drinking games last night all this time. Shame on you for thinking so.

Have been doing my propagandist duties, writing letters, etc., though it's hardly worth it. Kerry nailed it. Kerry will be our next president, but we still have to go and vote for him. No skimping on the follow-thru now. No cruising on the edge, thinking, what does my little effort amount to? One vote difference in a couple of states is all it takes for Bush to be returned to our loving arms.

And just a little shuffling from room to room, picking up the empties. Just a little.

Nearly forgot about this painting I did yesterday, looking down into the boat harbor. Usually I start to paint with my sunglasses on, and then take them off. For some reason I didn't this time, so things look just a little too bright and shiny, especially the little boats in the water. I may fix it. I like the composition a lot, so maybe I'll slip out and do another painting.

While at the harbor they told me that boat owners have 2 weeks to get their boats out of the water, so today may be one of the last days many of them are still there. Plus it's finally overcast, a little sultry. Perhaps will rain later.

Here it is. The car in the foreground drove off almost as soon as I started painting it, so it may look a little strange.

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