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Wednesday, September 29, 2004
Turn Away From the Set
'Persuadable' Voters Key for Kerry
"I've been thinking about the scare tactics (Vice President) Cheney and them are using," said James Willis, of Ayden, N.C., about GOP warnings that electing Kerry would be dangerous for the country. "It makes you wonder about turning the country over to a new person."

To a "new person"? Doesn't anyone question the basis and source of the scare tactics?

People, the only thing we have to do to get Kerry elected is:

1) Get voters registered
2) Get them to the polls (or get them to vote absentee)

That's all. If you read any newspaper or watch any tv at all, Kerry has already lost any debate, because he's too tan or too French looking, or doesn't connect with the common man or whatever. Kerry isn't the greatest public speaker. He always sounds like he's orating to the senate, who isn't listening anyway. George can only speak in sound bites, since his brain can't handle anything more complex. Those who can be swayed by sound bites and fake folksy humor won't vote for Kerry anyway, so why should I obsess about them?

I will drive you to the polls. I will watch your kids. I will do your laundry. Young women, I will help you redo the streaks in your hair. We've been registering record numbers of voters. All we have to do is make sure they vote, even if there's a blizzard, even if there's a hurricane, or a flood, or an earthquake, or volcanoes erupting.

By keeping our obsession on the undecideds -- and I'm including the Naderites here too -- (who are really just looking for a way to either justify not voting at all or voting for the status quo), they are attempting to change our focus from what will really win the election for us.

Turnout, turnout, turnout.

And make sure you bring plenty of ID with you when you go to the polls. And don't listen to them when they tell you you have to pay your parking tickets first, because it isn't true.

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