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Saturday, September 25, 2004
Update on Laura
School misses out on first lady visit

My logic was correct, but it was apparently Democrat logic. Why did I think that Laura would actually visit a school? No no no. It was a fundraiser at Pat Ryan's (CEO AON Corp.) pretty much right across the street, and I am sobbing with grief because I missed seeing the twins by mere minutes. Mere minutes.
The luncheon lasted a little less than two hours at the Winnetka mansion of insurance tycoon Patrick Ryan. The women dined on cold lobster, tomato aspic, a salad and fruit tarts for dessert.

"It was just a beautiful, momentous day [ed. not for the little children across the street who missed out on touching history] -- something I'll never forget," said Beverly Bystricky, who dined with the Bush family.

The event was billed as a mother-daughter luncheon. Tickets cost $3,000 for each mother and $2,000 for each daughter. The women who showed up seemed pleased by the occasion.
Now I understand the valet parking. I realize some suburbs are wealthier than others, but valet parking for an event at an elementary school seemed a bit, um, much.

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