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Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Best Headline Ever
Marijuana Could Help City Budget

I chose this link simply because I like the headline. It has a certain De Lorean charm. The story itself is boring, since it doesn't have what Mayor Daley says about it. The Sun-Times has the boring headline, but the yummy quotes.
“If 99 percent of the cases are all thrown out, and you have a police officer going — why?” Daley said. “Why do we arrest the individual, seize the marijuana, [go] to court and they're all thrown out? . . . It costs you a lot of money for that. It costs you a lot of money for police officers to go to court.
The police officers, however, may have a different point of view:
Members of the police union stand to lose thousands of dollars in overtime pay if the city starts ticketing, instead of jailing, marijuana users.
Decisions, decisions.... save the city $5 million a year, or protect overtime...

What would Alan Keyes do, after his head finished exploding?

Wouldn't it be fun if he decided to stick around and run against Daley for mayor? I think we'll miss him 42 days from now.

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