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Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Twinkies Maker Seeking Ch. 11 Protection
The company said it had a commitment, subject to bankruptcy court approval, from JP Morgan Chase Bank to provide $200 million to pay suppliers, employees and other operating costs during the reorganization. It said it would continue operating its bakeries, outlet stores and distribution centers.
Wheew! I nearly had a heart attack there!

Good afternoon, friends. Have another painting in the Pez dispenser ready to shoot out after I fix just one or two little things (i.e., ruin it), but had to check my stock quotes first.

And for those of you who think B(ush) stands for B(usiness), instead of (b)ullshit, as I do, should read this good summary of historical trends at Yahoo.
If you're planning to vote for President George W. Bush because you believe the market responds better to the Republican Party's pro-business philosophy, or if you're siding with challenger Sen. John Kerry because recent years would indicate that stocks outperform under Democrats, you're wasting your vote, says a recent study.
The study's three authors also give the heave-ho to the gridlock theory that investments do better when the president and Congress are from different parties and therefore can't muck things up too badly.
Much more, plus the usual "on the other-handedness." The bottom line, for me, is that everything does better with competent management at the top, starting with the government -- why Kerry has to win -- a fascinating concept they don't even discuss here, since it's all about the power of the Fed.

And FYI, time to fill up that tank again pretty quick. Crude prices soaring above $48 bucks a barrel again.

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