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Tuesday, September 21, 2004
More on Illinois Outreach
Report From One of the Busses

We're stars! (At least in the Kerry blogosphere). This is also a good account of person-to-person canvassing, and how it's different than you think it's going to be. The guy writing this thinks he changed some minds. I think I (and canvass-partner Renee) moved 2 people from undecided to the Kerry column. Read this and come with us this Saturday.

There's a signup link (and more info) at chicagolandforkerry.com, which has been corporately merged into illinoisforkerry.com by the Kerry campaign, a good thing, since all these blogs and outreach lists were getting confusing.

In any case, do it. Please email me if you're nervous or have any questions.

A quote from today's email:

Ben Golombek from the Milwaukee field team wrote the group to thank everyone from the NI Kerry Travelers for all the help we provided. He wrote "Our totals were 167 canvassers collecting 495 absentee ballots, which was around half of all the ballots collected around the state that day, far outpacing all the other regions." Great job I4K! Updated total - 533 absentee ballots.
Interesting numbers, since I kept feeling that I wasn't doing enough, I could get to another street, forgetting somehow that 166 other people were doing it somewhere else in the city.


More about my trips to Beloit can be found here and here.

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