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Monday, August 30, 2004
North of the Border
O, people of Wisconsin! I am fresh out of snark.

The reason you haven't seen me is that I spent most of yesterday canvassing undecided and slightly Bush-leaning voters in Beloit, and a nicer group of people you won't find. Even when they're telling you that they never say who they're voting for and please leave, they're nice about it, and will tell you that health care is their biggest issue, and though they all have dogs (I mean all of them -- I believe it's a state law), you always feel safe.

Good news is that even if they're not sure who to vote for in the presidential race, most of them like Russ Feingold and they adore Tammy Baldwin, so with luck Kerry will have some long, firmly attached coattails.

And the older and sicker of them seemed very decided on Kerry, some of them with very sad stories indeed. One woman wanted to make sure her husband got his absentee ballot as soon as possible because he wanted to vote before he died.

So a lot of catching up. Driving back, the rising moon was so huge and yellow and round -- just like a lovely big cheese. It seemed like a very good sign.

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