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Friday, August 27, 2004
Misc. Art Notes
Yes, you're right, I have no life, so after an exhausting day doing voter registration in the hot, humid, glaring sun, have let my mouse fingers do the walking this evening, checking out this and that.

I don't know how it slipped past me, but did you know that artist Leon Golub passed away recently? I saw the show this past season at Printworks, which has a notice up, and a good selection of drawings from the recent show. I thought they were very strong. The new show going up on 9/10 is Nicholas Sistler, whose tiny little paintings I've always liked.

Vedanta seems to have changed its name to Kavi Gupta Gallery, though location and list of artists seems to be the same. I know no more details. If anyone does, please post a comment or email me.

Good news: Gallery Mornea (who should have their benefit t-shirt show well underway right now with models and sushi and fun -- obviously I completely forgot about it) has a better web page now that doesn't freeze, crash, or try to load flash files that take an hour before you can find out what their address and phone number are. (Hint, hint you other art sites out there... not everyone has broadband).

Finally, as promised, I took a drive this morning past the Facade Project at the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative on Western Ave in Chicago, just under the El tracks south of Lawrence. Carrie Iverson has assembled a horrifyingly impressive number of portraits of soldiers cut down in the Iraq war, filling every available window. I'm sure if she had more windows, even more faces would be displayed, which is a very sad thought. Very simple, muted prints, maybe digi prints? I should ask her.

The building faces east, and the second (or maybe third) floor of windows is no more than a dozen feet from the El platform. You have the strongest urge to grab these smiling faces and pull them to safety, send them home on the train. But that can't happen.

The hot morning sun was pounding against the building when I drove by, which will surely fade all these pictures. The Bush administration wants our memories of what's happening in Iraq to fade too. But we're not going to let them, are we?

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