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Monday, September 20, 2004
John Kerry on Dave

Here's the first link I found with a better summary, so you can pretty much ignore what's below.

On debates: "We compromised and Bush is going to sit on Dick Cheney's lap."

Talks about campaign train, seeing sign that said "John, give us 8 minutes, we'll give you 8 years. You never saw a train stop so fast."

"I didn't pick these people" (after thunderous applause from audience)

"I like this idea of voting at the end of this."

"Depending upon which network we can." (believe poll).

Q How does anyone go about restoring anyone's reputation in the world. It seems unlikely.

A Has he done that much damage? (laughter)

"Getting young people involved... get rid of the negativism back and forth..."

"Global warming, AIDS, rebuild alliances with other countries... we know how to use it wisely... even US needs friends..."

More after commercial....

Q You suggested that Bush not telling the truth about Iraq.

A He received his intelligence update in July, but he's going around the country telling us everything is ok.

Then summarizes much of the speech he gave today... "This president has chosen to ignore any advice given him, even by his own party."

Next commercial break.

Continues discussion of Iraq, explaining difference between voting to authorize the presiden to act and voting to go to war. Puts burden on president to make the decsion. The president rushed to war.

Favorites from the Top Ten Bush Tax Proposals:

No estate tax for families with 2 presidents
W-2 form is now dubya-2 form
Cheney can claim Bush as a dependent

And number, one:
George W. Bush gets a deduction for mortgaging our entire future.

If all our so-called serious reporters asked questions as direct, we wouldn't have to rely on the comics to mop up. Jon Stewart, Dave Letterman, Al Franken, the guys at the Onion... the list continues.

Will update this link with genuine list/transcript when it shows up.

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