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Friday, September 17, 2004
Maple Trees
You're not seeing a new painting here because I went to the park to paint the 2 trees I wanted to paint, but they were putting up big marquees right in front of them -- not in front of other trees -- but in front of my trees. So, since the festival, whatever it is, runs all weekend, won't have a chance to paint them until Monday. Got disgusted and depressed, and the Wi-Fi at home still sucks, so childishly have run away from the stressful good weather and am in the library, happily blogging away while listening to Randi Rhodes on Air America.

And just realized I never got around to continuing our talk about the Crimson King Norway Maple that I like to paint so much, with the leaves that are green where they don't get sun and red where they do. And the great groundskeeper named Kerry who told me about it. (To refresh your memory, we discussed it here).

Here are the 2 leaves he selected for me:

These leaves were 18 inches apart. You may also notice that there's a little sap at the end of the stem.

You'll note I keep my word when I say I'm going to discuss things. Don't we all wish that George Bush will?

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