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Wednesday, September 15, 2004
Breaking News!
60 Minutes II has the secretary (Marian Carr Knox) who didn't type that guy's (Jerry Killian) memos on!

UPDATE: Here's the link to the real 60 Minutes Transcript.

Notes from my own transcript (bad):

Memos not authentic, but exactly as they say.

"I did not type those memos.... it's not the form that I would use.... and it uses words by the army, not the air national guard. However, the information in those is correct.

It was a big no no to not follow orders. I can't remember anyone refusing... for instance, with the physical, every officer knew that he on his birthday he had to have his physical. Sometimes they'd be late... I'd have to call and get them to reschedule...."

Killian was his squad commander.

It's very unusual for a military officer to disobey a direct order. He was upset about it. And it was one of the reasons why... he wrote this memo ordering him to take his physical.

Q. What was Bush like?

He was always gentlemanly, and he always called me by his father's secretary's name, and he always apologized. Says she thought he must have had wonderful parents.

Q. What kind of officer was he?

He seemed to be having a good time. Didn't seem to be having problems with other pilots. But his time there... the other fellows seemed resentful of his attitude.

Q. What was his attitude?

That he didn't have to go by the rules.

Says Killian he started a "cover your back" file about Bush. "Facts are very real. He wrote a memo very like it. Like a personal journal."

Q: These were not memos directly from his files?

"The information, yes. It seems that someone did see them and tried to reproduce them."

Mentions "snickering and gossip about what he was getting away with among the other officers," and that, "working in a senate campaign became more important than flying."

"I think it's plain and simple. Bush didn't think he had to go by the rules others did. He had this campaign to take care of."

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