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Wednesday, September 15, 2004
Oh, Yeah. That War.
Riverbend (in Baghdad) has a new blogging, reviewing Fahrenheit 9/11. Here's what she says about the mother who loses her son:

Baghdad Burning
I can't explain the feelings I had towards her. I pitied her because, apparently, she knew very little about what she was sending her kids into. I was angry with her because she really didn't want to know what she was sending her children to do. In the end, all of those feelings crumbled away as she read the last letter from her deceased son. I began feeling a sympathy I really didn't want to feel, and as she was walking in the streets of Washington, looking at the protestors and crying, it struck me that the Americans around her would never understand her anguish. The irony of the situation is that the one place in the world she would ever find empathy was Iraq. We understand. We know what it's like to lose family and friends to war- to know that their final moments weren't peaceful ones... that they probably died thirsty and in pain... that they weren't surrounded by loved ones while taking their final breath.
I realize we've been spending so much time in our time machine fighting (or not fighting, as in Bush's case) in Viet Nam that we've completely forgotten about Iraq. No, it isn't getting better. I think Bush must have even given up trying to convince us. He's just not telling the press anything, nor does he seem to have a plan to try to solve this thing that he started.

One of the comments from a (not really) undecided voter from Wisconsin heard on one of my canvass tours was, "He got us into this mess. He has to get us out of it." While it might be something you'd tell you 10 year old about cleaning her room, the logic here is far woollier.

Good morning, friends. Originally planning to go the the Kerry rally in Madison this morning, but am starting slowly, shoulders achy, eyes scratchy, so won't be going. No, it's not a hangover, but feeling guilty, so all you healthy people with nothing better to do, drop everything and head over to the Exhibition Hall at the Alliant Energy Center (NEW LOCATION because of weather). Free, open, and you don't need tickets (unlike Bush events). Plus SHERYL CROW will be performing. Doors open at 11:00 a.m.

Which means I'll have to do extra blogging to make up for it. Will leave you with this good suggestion from Atrios:
Broke busy people wonder what they can do. One thing you can do is obtain some bumper stickers and signs for your congressional candidate. If you're in a district where a challenger has a chance against an incumbent, name recognition is key. Get some stickers. Give them to your friends. When name recognition is the issue, the benefit of one additional bumper sticker riding around for an hour or so every day during the morning/afternoon commute is huge.

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