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Friday, September 17, 2004
Exquisite Weather
... here in Illinois, at least, though elsewhere seems to be hellish. It's about 71 degrees, far too dry, sky so blue it's purple if you look up.

So I'm sitting inside here, blogging away. Will go paint shortly.

Wanted to share something from the DNC via Kerry that many of you already got, but is timely, given our recent discussions of Lefty Women and Thongs.
The Democratic Party's TAKE FIVE campaign effort is one important way to involve women in the most important election of our lifetime. TAKE FIVE is all about women talking to other women about the issues that matter most to us. As a TAKE FIVE leader, you will develop a relationship with five women who didn't vote in 2000 and make sure they get to the polls on Election Day. It is that simple -- and can make a big difference.
This is very do-able for many of us -- and for once they weren't just begging us for money (though that donation button always looms large). Anyway...

More info:

DNC Women's Vote Center
John Kerry Communities (Women)

More later, and maybe a new picture.

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