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Thursday, September 16, 2004
What, No Orcs?
Makes Me Ralph might think he's being snarky about Alan Keyes's strange obsession with trolls, smelly toads, etc., but he's actually very perceptive. He recently commented at ArchPundit here

"He merely meant that Daley has 8d8 HP and amazing powers of regeneration."

Check this out. From January 26, 2000:

The Union Leader and New Hampshire Sunday News - Keyes talks his way into GOP race
Forty pounds lighter than during his 1996 run for the White House, Keyes travels with a laptop computer, amusing himself by building virtual nations in a game called "Age of Empires."
I guess he's now graduated to D&D.

This frightened me a great deal, since I also play Age of Empires obsessively, as I mentioned in a comment at Mouse Words recently in a discussion about women and blogging and video games and condescending male blog owners.

I realize it's a GAME, however. I'm not sure Keyes does. And I'm now certain he gets all his supposed vast knowledge of ancient history from the instruction booklet, which tells us all about Babylonians, Sumerians, Persians, Romans, etc. -- great civilizations he enjoys lecturing us about.

I am afraid I may be tapped by the Republicans for their next vacancy. Very afraid.

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