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Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Handwritten Receipts, Wow
Where the Sales Clerks Are Artists, Too
Browsing isn't prohibited, just intimidating, since much of the narrow four-story shop's most precious stock - its storehouse of exotic paper - is hidden on upper floors. In a place like this, with neither supermarket efficiency nor specialty shop sleekness, the sales help matters. No coincidence that most are artists themselves.
Evanston has Goods, celebrating its 100th birthday this year.

You can always tell the quality of an art supply store by whether they let the grubby hands of artist-customers touch the expensive paper -- and also whether they sell the good paints, like Williamsburg.

Speaking of which, will be off to paint in a minute or two. Much political crap going on, I'm sure, but the Votemaster is giving us good news here, with Kerry now ahead again 269 to 253 electoral votes.

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