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Sunday, September 26, 2004
Tech Problems
Ordinarily there's a bunch of pictures on this blog. Having some technical difficulties, so you'll just have to do a lot of text-reading and check back later. Signed, The Management.

UPDATE: Moved the most recent pictures to a different service just in time for the old one to come back up. which is why I don't have any new snarkiness for you just yet. Be patient. Also, if you ever want higher resolution stuff, especially my geniusly brilliant political photos of people like Obama and Joe Biden and trips here and there please email me. Yours for free.

With luck will do some painting today. With luck will be slow politically while they lube and flush Bush's engine down in Crawford.

FYI, I don't believe the latest Wisconsin poll at all where Kerry seems to be doing even worse than before but Feingold better. Just not what I'm seeing during the canvass. And in Illinois, Obama is ahead by 51 points but Kerry only by 9? Probably can be explained because everyone hates Keyes, but that can't be all of it.

Better check over with ArchPundit and others for the latest, including about Keyes's very own lesbian hedonist daughter, Maya. Yes, the man who trashed our loving Vice President all over the Republican Convention has a 19 year old daughter who's gay. She has a blog and seems like a very nice girl if a little spacey, assuming it's true.

Also, FYI, not a single person up in Wisconsin cares about what Bush did 30 years ago, since everyone understands that he was a drunk and a draft dodger, but "So what? wasn't everyone?" People aren't stupid, you know.

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