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Thursday, September 30, 2004
Report From a Corner of Hell
Children massacred in Iraq bombs

And not just children. Not a good day.
Two more blasts hit as people rushed to help those hurt by the first car bomb. Elsewhere, there was also bloodshed.

The casualties include:

*Two Iraqi policemen and a US soldier killed in the Abu Ghraib district of Baghdad by a car bomb that also left dozens injured
*A US soldier killed by a rocket fired at a US base near Baghdad
*A senior policeman shot dead in the northern city of Mosul
*Also in the north, the Kirkuk mayor's chief bodyguard shot dead
*Four people killed in a car bombing in Talafar that also injured about 16 others
*At least four children among six or seven people killed in Falluja after US forces allegedly fired on their car
*At least three civilians killed in a US air strike on Falluja overnight.
Pools of blood formed on the hospital floors, while at the scene of the blasts, people picked through blood-stained wreckage to recover body parts, news agencies said [ed. what news agencies? not the ones we in the US ever hear from.].

Children who survived the attack described how they had been rushing towards the US convoy to collect sweets from the troops.
What is the goal here? Is there even a plan? WTF is going on?

Perhaps Bush will be able to inform us tonight, but I doubt it. If he deviates from the script that says everything is getting better, I'd be surprised, since he wouldn't want to be called a flip-flopper, oh, no.

On that note, I must now go and paint. The weather will not hold much longer.

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