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Wednesday, September 29, 2004
Never Spanked
White House Says Bush Never Disciplined in Guard:
WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush never was disciplined while serving in the Texas Air National Guard, never failed a physical and never asked his father or family friends for help to get him into the guard during the Vietnam War, the White House said Wednesday.

The White House answers came in response to a dozen questions submitted by The Associated Press in light of new records detailing Bush's Guard service and allegations that have surfaced this election season.
And he brushed his teeth and said his prayers for mommy and daddy and granny in heaven every night too. Such a clean, charming young man.

If this is Sept. 29th, we should be getting another document from the administration soon, a list of all the places they say they searched for records. Pity most of them went into the circular file a long long time ago.

And what does it matter, anyway? He'll only be president for a few more months.

Good late-afternoon, friends. Took an antihistimine a short time ago so will probably not make sense soon (if I ever did) to try to clear the ears which were making my brain explode with mucus. Got more luan cut in my new favorite size (12 inches by 16 inches) for little landscapes, plus a few larger slabs to contemplate.

Problem is that I've also been drinking coffee or diet coke most of the day, so I have a brain that's swirling uncontrollably but who must not operate heavy equipment (like my 7 pound computer, most likely).

I call this the Barq's rootbeer syndrome. Did I ever tell you about my rootbeer hallucinations? When it was on sale for 59 cents a 2-liter bottle (limit 4)? And did you know that it has more caffeine in it than even Mountain Dew? No? Well, I think I wrote 3 novels that night, and a symphony, without ever getting out of bed or putting a pen to paper, because I was a genius with eyes popping out everywhere. Tonight may be another such night. Luckily I have you all now, my loving fans...

Have a few more links I plan to add before the madness hits. Also, you can now easily mail me anywhere, just like Wisconsin sausage or a genuine Chicago Deep Dish pizza. The little thing that doesn't look much like a letter on the "posted by" line under each blogging will bring up an email form that works. I tried it and the trip was wonderful.

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