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Wednesday, September 29, 2004
Help Wanted in Missouri
I keep forgetting about one of the other swing states bordering us:

Chicagoland for Kerry: Hard Work Being Done in MO
Jack Ryan -- who is in charge of Travelers in MO -- has made a special plea asking for our help Oct 2. He wants to show a strong support in MO following the first debate. A huge canvass effort is going to be made. Canvass times 9:30 am and 1pm on Saturday and 12:30 pm on Sunday.
So click here and check it out, if you live nearby and want to help. I'll be off again to Wisconsin this weekend, assuming that's where the bus is going. At this point I'm not asking.

Here's a handy reference for when polls open and close and what is the last day to register in all states (scroll down).

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