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Thursday, September 30, 2004
John Kerry's Masterful Performance
See, I can write an Associated Press release too:
John Kerry debated Mr. Bush tonight in Florida. His performance was magnificent, masterful. Mr. Bush's weakness was evident at every turn. Even his physical appearance seemed uncertain and tentative as he struggled to answer questions about his poor job performance. The plan Mr. Kerry put forth is right on all points, a strong, do-able strategy that provided a strong contrast to Mr. Bush's wavering, equivocating non-responses.

While Kerry's momentum going into the debates had been strong, the next few weeks should easily put him over the top in the electoral college and in the hearts of man and beast.
What it's all about: earlier today, the Associated Press released (and then removed) an apparently embargoed, already-written review of tonight's debate. Here are the screen shots. (Via Atrios and the alert Annatopia.)

Check out a slightly fixed verson here, assuming it still exists. Some of the verb tenses have been fixed, some not. It reads suspiciously like the original.

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