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Thursday, September 30, 2004
The Real Debate
Oh, Lord... Kerry has been kicking butt.

We have about 15 minutes left. Have been watching on PBS and blogging over at Atrios. What with drinking games (which Bush probably wished he could take part in), I'm remarkably sober. Lehrer is doing a very good job of keeping them from falling back on scripted material.

My jaw drops, however, when Bush keeps bringing up topics no one has asked him about. Out of nowhere, for example, he brought up our withdrawal from the world court, like he literally pulled out the wrong page and just read what was on it.

Right now, for example, he's talking about the wonderful relationship with Vladimir Putin, which no one has asked about. Possibly the relationship will be less good since Putin recently agreed to the Kyoto inititiative on global warming but Bush keeps saying no.

Kerry quotes George Will (not a bleeding heart liberal by any means) saying "Freedom is not on the march in Russia."

Closing statement time. And now it's time to start writing my letters to the editor. It's very, very clear who is the more articulate man. I think Bush really thought he could wing it with his pat phrases. He's used to having people who cheer him all the time. He's never been booed. He kept pausing for his applause lines but they're not there. I see no passion in George's closing statements.

Kerry was looking very presidential indeed. Wish the coin toss had put his statement last.


Just re-read my mock review (below) written before the debates. And, you know, it's not that far off.

Bush did indeed look shrunken, tiny, indecisive, much smaller than the 5'10 or 11 he really is. His suit looked badly cut, he seemed off-balance, literally. I think we would do him a great service by sending him home to Crawford. He's not suited to this job. It's so very clear.

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