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Wednesday, January 07, 2009
Darkdevil County Back in Production
Here's a preview of new artwork for Darkdevil County:

One variation, at least. Is so easy to add layers and layers, tweak colors forever, never know where or when to stop, or whether it's what I want anyway.

This is one (possible) frame from the opening sequence I'm planning -- a little more comic book-y than draw-y. I don't have very good tools for image manipulation (or animation) and can't afford better. This is where our heroine, Magwyn Urban-dweller, lives, and it's still night. Soon the sky will lighten as I tell some of the background of the story (rather than have you read it in a readme.txt file). We may see a few robots on their way to work, maybe some distant cannon fire.

Or not.

Since it seems as though most of the serious issues with the latest version of AGS have been resolved (we're now up to 3.1.2), it seems safe to continue onwards.

It's taking me a long time to get back into the program/game and pick up from where I'd been. Computer is working extremely well, so am tempted to go into debt and get a Wacom tablet and more memory.

We'll see.

Have told myself that before I even turn the computer on in the morning will do at least one drawing. This is the first.

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