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Monday, December 22, 2008
Nice People
Yes, there are nice people in this world. Today is first day out of the house (and, as usual, at library) since the big storm, the deep freeze, etc., that created giant chunks of ice in my driveway, the driveway I'd just managed to clear of 3 feet of slush.

With my handy pitchfork, I managed to clear a lot of the ice away, but apparently not enough. As I gunned my car directly backwards, trying to time the trajectory to slice between batches of traffic at the two stoplights on my street, the car slipped sideways and wedged itself halfway up a snow bank -- or, rather, an iceberg. I would have taken a picture of myself balanced there except my phone was in my pocket and the camera was in the house and I couldn't get out of the car, because one of the ice cliffs was firmly wedged against the door.

As I was uselessly spinning wheels, trying to go forward, then backward, then trying to figure out how to get out of car so I could Call Someone, two vans of guys stopped, one on either side of the driveway, got my pitchforks and shovels out of my garage and their trucks and dug me out, chipping the ice floe away to practically nothing, then standing in the 4-lane highway to stop traffic as I shot the car out of the driveway (with the usual asshole big black SUVs and Hummers honking and speeding up when they saw what we were trying to do).

They took off before I had a chance to thoroughly thank them -- possibly with a plate of the oatmeal raisin/chocolate chunk cookies I baked yesterday.

So, guys, if you're out there, and you're reading this -- THANKS!

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