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Friday, December 12, 2008
Selling All the Time
Always a silver lining for some people:

Blago Should Have Used The Comsec C3i II Downline Tap Detector
If you have been under a rock this week, you read about the stupid actions of the Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich. While he is presumed innocent, he was caught using a FBI wiretap trying to find the highest bidder to take over President elect Obama’s Illinois Senate Seat.

Stupid Blago, phone taps are for pros! If only he had invested a couple hundred bucks, he could have picked up a Comsec C3i II, the worlds only downline tap detector; the ones that the FBI sets up at the local telephone service.
Good info to tuck away for all of you contemplating the purchase of Senate seat. At studio today we discussed the possibility of buying our own senator, one who will be friendly to the arts and printmaking. I think we might be able to swing it if we hold a bake sale, especially if I sell my custom banana bread and someone brings plenty of kugel.

Good afternoon, friends. Am still here with the computer, not wanting to give it up for day two.

The virus scanner found an "unwanted program" for the very first time today -- hope my entire identity hasn't been stolen yet. Have changed passwords for everything, just in case. Is possible it's a remnant of the Dell remote control thing, when they were looking at my system and doing stuff to it. Is gone now.

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