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Thursday, December 04, 2008
At Library (Where Else)
Laptop is still hosed. Apparently they sent it back with a defective screen -- shows up ok if you boot in safe mode or without the hard disk, but if you use the actual drivers, you can only access it via the monitor. Or in 4 bit 640 px mode, if you enjoy torture. Spent at least 4 hours talking with tech guys in India and software guys in Manilla, each of whom passed the buck to the other. The last guru I talked to said he's verified 100 percent that it's a hardware problem, and they should send me the box again and I should ship it back to them.

Am exhausted from all this -- the worry, etc. And now system is apparently defragging after logout. I seem to recall it does this periodically, but what a bad time to do it now!

If anyone out there knows whether you can safely interrupt (or power off) a "logging out" defrag, please, please let me know. Have heard that if it takes forever (it's still going -- 17 hours now?) it's likely to fail because if it gets an interrupt via (for example) mouse, screen power mgmt, wifi signal, etc. it has to start the job all over again. Is this so?

Or is the log off thing something else, something DIRE?

Will blog about something more pleasant soon, I hope.

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