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Thursday, November 20, 2008
Another Brutal Day
...not just on Wall Street. If you've been following my Twitter feed you'll know that I dropped my cellphone in my morning cup of coffee, ruining two things in one fell swoop. Phone has been drying out much of the day, but on those occasions I've tried to see if it's still working I get weird fizzles and flashes, so I think it's genuinely gone.

Since this phone was circa 1953, not quite a big as a shoe box, but close, figured I should upgrade to the next level of "free" phone.

Some "free" -- part of it is a rebate (that likely will have expired by the time the phone arrives) plus a service fee and tax, ending up with me paying 50 bucks in free-ness.

So am bummed, and since I spent all day comparing and contrasting features -- why doesn't one phone have all the stuff I want and none that I don't much care about -- I didn't get anything I'd planned to do done -- like wrapping up artwork for sales, etc.

If you're trying to get in touch with me via the mobile number, forget it. I still have a land line, and you probably have the number, else get me via email, please. Still waiting patiently for my check order and new credit card from when purse was stolen last week.

Am thinking of this as a "meant to be" thing -- it was only dumb luck that the phone wasn't in the purse anyway, so I got a week more out of it, a lunch with someone who only has the cellphone number, and a call from a friend in Florida who's coming to visit.

Trying to remember how we used to do things pre-cellphone. I am aging so fast these days I honestly can't. Don't get many calls, or make many, but just knowing it's there is almost worth the pretty outrageous monthly bill.

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