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Tuesday, November 04, 2008
The Final Sunset
...before the new dawn. So orangy golden -- close to 80 degrees out, flawless sky. So flawless I was certain people would say, "hey, why vote? I'm going to the beach!"

Don't think it happened, though, even in the precinct I was stationed in. Busy right at 6 am, very very slow after that -- everyone had voted already! Many looked at me as though I was nuts passing out literature for Obama, Biss, and Schakowsky. It was self-evident that people should vote for them!

The obvious Republicans that came by all had to point out that it was un-American to "propagandize" in front of a polling place. One woman went literally nuts and started smashing down our signs, screaming about taxes and saying she was going to call the police because what we were doing was illegal. I encouraged her to call the cops a whole bunch. One cop did show up at one point, but I think he was doing something with the school district (they had a service day today, no classes).

So many people thanked me for what I was doing, it was ridiculous. I was doing NOTHING, just standing there with my buttons on, handing a slip of paper with the names of the Democrats on it.

And then the sun rose higher in the sky, and there was no shade, and I started having serious sun-related itching problems (must be my vampire blood) and had to go back to office. So spent the rest of the afternoon up to now driving canvassers around precincts and walking up and down the steps of 3-flats with door-hangers. Brutal.

I've done what I can. I can't do any more. Drinking a lot of water and resting up before I catch the train down to the Event in Grant Park.

Sun now setting seriously, beautiful pinks and blues -- the gentle Obama colors.

The new dawn will be colored that way too.

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