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Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Thursday Oct 30 is Last Day for Early Voting in IL

Good afternoon, friends. Only 2 more days to get out there and vote before the election. The totals for early voting in suburban Cook County alone so far are outstanding -- 153,340 votes so far. The Chicago Board of Elections says

With three days remaining, Chicago voters have already cast more
than 174,000 ballots in Early Voting, more than doubling the 81,690 cast during the entire 18-day Early Voting for the Primary. (On Mon., Oct. 26, Chicago set a new single-day Early Voting record with more than 20,000 ballots cast, the fifth time this fall a new single-day record was set.)
You may think (as I do, and as most sentient beings do right now) that Barack Obama will be our next president, but you must still go out and vote for the other Democrats who need to get elected to support him, so we can get the financial stability, so we can get the health care, so we can have a sane future.

The Trib says Mayor Daley thinks there will be a million or more people at the election night celebration in Grant Park, even though it's by ticket admission only (supposedly). Have sincere hopes it may end up like Woodstock, with babies being born, hookups made, and a wonderful, jubilant, peaceful time to be had by all. There has been so much sad news in Chicago this year -- it's time for a happy time.

I signed up for my ticket this afternoon, and am anxiously awaiting the email so I can print it out (I imagine that's what I'll have to do). Will make damn sure I have ink for the printer this time.

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