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Sunday, October 19, 2008
Early Voting in Illinois Information
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A woman at the grocery store just now said her sister stood in line for an hour and a half to vote today, but said it was a thrilling experience. She was going this afternoon. I'm going tomorrow, probably.

EDIT: First day tallies for Chicago area are HUGE -- 11,735 city, 7,616 suburbs by end of day. (thanks Wellstone, Chicagoist).

NOTE: If you want to vote early, you MUST show a picture ID -- some kind of state/government issued card like a drivers license, not just a student ID, not just your Voter Registration Card.

LAKE COUNTY: The complete list (.pdf) of early voting locations is here.

COOK COUNTY: The complete list (.pdf) of early voting locations is here.

CHICAGO: The complete list (.pdf) of early voting locations is here.

This is the schedule for the state of Illinois, directly from the website (see the side): if you're in the military, a student, etc. go there for more details, phone numbers, etc. It's not the easiest website to navigate (unlike the Cook County site, which is great).

GENERAL ELECTION November 4, 2008
Last day to register to vote October 7, 2008

Grace Period Registration and Voting
First Day October 8, 2008
Last Day October 21, 2008

Early Voting for Election
First Day October 14, 2008 (some locations in Cook, Lake, and others open 10/13)
Last Day October 30, 2008


vote411.org (League of Women Voters)

Candidate plug section:

You can also check with the Dan Seals for Congress website or call the office. If you're looking to volunteer for a good candidate on Chicago's North Shore (IL-10), you can find no one better.

If you're in the Skokie/Evanston area and are looking for a Democrat for Change in Springfield, look no further than Daniel Biss, a fantastic candidate running in the Illinois 17th District against one of the last dinosaur Republicans left on the North Shore. We desperately need FAR BETTER DEMOCRATS in Springfield -- the solution is NOT giving the state away to even non-insane Republicans. Daniel is one of the best grassroots candidates to come along in years.

If you were thinking of skipping over this race when you vote because you've never heard of him, I will quote Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (IL-9), when George Bush saw her Obama button and said, "Osama? Obama? Never heard of him." Jan replied, "You will."

Speaking of which...

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