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Tuesday, October 14, 2008
Judge To Allow Early Voting In N.W. Indiana
YES! Red state no more!

Judge To Allow Early Voting In N.W. Indiana
A circuit court judge ordered the sites to open Tuesday morning. Later CBS 2 Northwest Indiana Bureau Chief Pamela Jones met with the Superior Court judge who'd originally barred these sites from opening. He told CBS 2 now that people are voting he won't fight that.

Superior Court Judge Calvin Hawkins said he would not intervene following an earlier lower court ruling ordering polling locations be opened Tuesday morning in Gary, Hammond and East Chicago.

"It is not the intent of this court to disenfranchise voters,'' Hawkins told CBS 2. "We want every vote counted."

Voting had already started before Hawkins held a hearing on the issue Tuesday afternoon. The voting stations are located at: 15 W. 4th Ave., Gary; 232 Russell St., Hammond; and 3711 Main St., East Chicago, sometime after 10:30 a.m. Tuesday.


"People here are energized, they're focused, they are involved and there are reasons now to squash that," said voter the Rev. Dwight Gardner.

Timothy Cobbs, a disabled Vietnam veteran energized for the election, said, "I haven't been getting the proper care that I should be getting so maybe if there's a change of guard, I might get the proper care."

It's his first time voting and because of his wounds, waiting in long lines on Election Day or outside of Gary would be a problem. He values voting early and close to home.
This is so exciting! Go get 'em, Indiana! Make them cry!

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